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Daniel Gaustad, DC, RYT, SEP

~ A Mindful Approach To Chiropractic & Somatic Experiencing ~

Trauma Informed Chiropractic


Over my years of practice, I have made a continued commitment to refining my treatment techniques and practice philosophy. My intention has been to create a welcoming and safe healing environment. That intention has led me into the study of emotional trauma and Somatic Experiencing.

One of the most powerful healing aspects of chiropractic care stems from it’s hands-on treatment approach. However, for those patients who have experienced emotional traumas, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma and developmental trauma, the use of this same hands-on approach could be a potential trigger.

I believe it extremely important to understand how emotional traumas can manifest in a person’s body. And, I believe it important to understand how to be present and supportive with a patient if traumatic triggering does occur during a treatment.

Throughout every treatment, I do my very best to explain what I am doing and why I am doing it. Patients are encouraged to ask for clarity if more explanation is wanted.  Patients are given full permission to choose whether or not a treatment is right for them.

It is my deepest hope that all of my patients will feel safe and empowered.


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