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Daniel Gaustad, DC (MN), SEP

~ A Mindful Approach To Chiropractic & Somatic Experiencing ~

Trauma Informed Chiropractic


Over my years of practice, I have made a continued commitment to refining my treatment techniques and practice philosophy. My intention has been to create a welcoming and safe healing environment. That intention has led me into the study of trauma-informed practices.

One of the most powerful healing aspects of chiropractic care stems from it’s hands-on treatment approach. For patients who have a trauma history (post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, developmental trauma, etc), a practitioner’s awareness and attunement are essential to avoid embodied and emotional overwhelm that may emerge with hands-on treatments. And, if overwhelm does occur, understanding how to be present and supportive with a patient is also essential.

Throughout every treatment, I do my very best to explain what I am doing and why I am doing it. Patients are encouraged to ask for clarity if more explanation is wanted. Patients are also encouraged to choose whether or not a treatment is right for them.

It is my deepest hope that all of my patients will feel safe and empowered.


Trauma Informed Videos

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