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Daniel Gaustad, DC, RYT, SEP

~ A Mindful Approach To Chiropractic & Somatic Experiencing ~

For Care Providers



I am available to meet in person or speak over the phone to discuss patient cases in which trauma history is suspected or known. Some examples of consultation topics might be: chronic or “fixed” health syndromes; chronic or “fixed” movement patterns; physical symptoms that are not resolving as expected with treatment; persistent flare-up of symptoms; large emotional reactions to treatments; aversion to hands-on treatments; high numbers of repeated or similar types of accidents/injuries.


I am available to provide primary or supplemental care for cases in which trauma history is suspected or known. For referrals from a chiropractor, any treatment I offer would be supplemental and supportive of the chiropractor’s current treatment plan and could include Somatic Experiencing, acupuncture and/or trauma-sensitive yoga.


I am available for on-site trainings for clinic staff on the topics of nervous system dysregulation and trauma and trauma-sensitive treatment techniques. These trainings can be very helpful in bringing all the members of your clinic team (including care providers, front desk staff, billing staff) up to a base-level of trauma-sensitivity.

I am also available for general clinic assessment in determining trauma-sensitive protocols to add to your current clinic protocols. This could include assessment of: front desk area, waiting area, healing spaces, furnishings, patient flow, scheduling practices.

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